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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rilya Alert Daisja Weaver

Amber Alert has been issued for a missing 8-month-old girl, Daisja Weaver.

The girl's mother, Tamera Weaver, told the Dallas police that the child was taken at about 11:30 Tuesday evening after she fought off a sexual assualt in her home at the Preston Oaks Apartments.

Nearly 12 hours later, the Amber Alert was issued. Police intially launched a full-scale search on foot and by helicopter, but they have not located the child.

The Dallas Police Department said they did not issue an Amber Alert initially because the missing child did not meet the department's criteria for issuing an Amber Alert. They didn't explain their reasoning further.

Early Wednesday morning, the woman and her husband were being questioned by police who said some elements of the story had changed.

Investigators are now working to sort out the facts in the case while continuing to search for the missing girl.

Family members told NBCDFW that the baby, who was born premature, is physically challenged. The child's mother was taken to the hospital for minor injuries Tuesday night and was later released

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