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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rilya Alert: Jahi Turner

Rilya Alert: Jahi Turner

What happened to Jahi Turner?
Little Jahi Turner 2 years old, vanished just 4 days after moving to the Golden Hills area of San Diego California, and just 1 day prior to his mother Tameka Jones a U.S. sailor being deployed on the U.S.S. Rushmore.
...Jahi was raised by his grandmother Penny Thompson in Maryland the first two years of his life until Tameka took him to California to live with his stepfather Tieray DeWayne Jones who was caring for him while she was deployed. Three days after mom is deployed little 2 years old Jahi vanishes without a trace.
Tieray claims that he took Jahi to a park a mile from home and left him in the company of strange women who had two kids for 15 minutes, and then later changed it to 5 minutes, while he went to get a coke, and when he came back they were gone never to be seen again.
There has never been any evidence of Jahi being at the playground, no fingerprints were ever found and reports of Tieray leaving the home the day before dragging a large bag possibly and garbage bag or a duffel bag to the dumpster.

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