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Monday, June 27, 2011

Rilya Alert: Shane Anthony Walker

Rilya Alert: Shane Anthony Walker
Missing since August 10, 1989
from New York City, New York

Vital Statistics

Date Of Birth: December 7, 1987
Age at Time of Disappearance: 1 year old
Distinguishing Characteristics: Black male. Black hair; brown eyes. Walker's hair was braided and pushed back at the time of his disappearance.
Marks, Scars: He has a small scar under his chin.
Clothing: A blue and white shirt; light blue pants; and white LA Gear sneakers.

Circumstances of Disappearance
Walker was last seen playing with other children at the Martin Luther King Jr. Towers' playground located at 113th Street and Lenox Avenue in New York City. His mother was sitting nearby when a man approached her and distracted her by starting up a conversation. She only spoke with him for a minute and when she turned back, Shane had disappeared. He has never been seen again.

If you have any information concerning Walker's whereabouts, please contact:
New York City Police Department
New York Housing Police Department

Agency Case Number: 8843


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  1. Where are those two kids today? Could they remember something, anything that can help. I know they would be adults today, but it just sounds too strange how they approached the mother about playing with her baby only for them to leave not too long afterwards, and then just like that Shane is gone. These two kids were the same ones playing with the other missing baby Christopher Dansby, and you have to wonder if they were used by the abductor or abductors just to cause the necessary distraction. It's just terribly heartbreaking and my own heart goes out to this long suffering mother, and Dansby's mother and family as well. I hope and pray that somehow this can get resolved. If people in those projects know something; please speak up. It's high time to bring these babies home! God bless them and their suffering families.