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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rilya Alert Alexis S Patterson

Alexis S Patterson

Missing 05/03/2002

Milwaukee Wisconsin

DOB :apr-04-1995 Age :12 years
Height : 3' 8" - 112 cm
Weight : 42 lbs - 19 kg
Eyes :Brown Hair : Black

Patterson resided with her mother and stepfather, Ayanna and LaRon Bourgeois, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. LaRon walked Patterson to Hi-Mount Boulevard School in the 4920 block of West Garfield Avenue near 49th Street at approximately 8:00 a.m. on May 3, 2002. Patterson was a first-grade student there. The school is less than one block from the family's home. LaRon said that he watched Patterson walk towards the playground before he headed back to their residence. Patterson never attended classes during the day, although students reported seeing her on the playground before and after school. She has never been heard from again. Patterson was wearing a hooded gray-striped red jacket, a light purple blouse, jeans, white high-top Nike tennis shoes and diamond and gold sunflower-shaped earrings at the time of her disappearance. Her hair was styled in two French braids which were pulled back into a ponytail, and she was carrying a pink Barbie book bag.
Ayanna and LaRon were notified about Patterson's absence after her school dismissed in the afternoon. They initially believed she refused to attend classes because of an argument she had with her mother. Ayanna said that Patterson failed to properly complete her homework during the previous evening. She was not allowed to bring cupcakes for her classmates the following day as a result. Authorities agreed with the scenario and said that something may caused Patterson's disappearance after she was seen in the school's playground later in the day. She does not have a history as a runaway.
The surrounding areas were searched immediately after Patterson was reported missing. Investigators canvassed nearby Washington Park while divers searched its lagoon. Authorities focused on areas near Meinecke Avenue, Vine Street, 16th Street and 60th Street in the northwest section of the city. No evidence was discovered at any of the locations. Investigators announced that Patterson disappeared under suspicious circumstances and reclassified her case from a missing child to a criminal investigation by May 14.
Patterson's father, Kenya Campbell, was imprisoned in Milwaukee at the time of her disappearance. He was released shortly afterwards and cooperated with authorities, as did Ayanna and LaRon. Patterson's stepfather has a criminal history as well, but investigators announced that they did not believe either LaRon or Campbell's pasts were connected to her case. LaRon was charged for an unrelated crime in 2003, a year after Patterson's disappearance; he had a domestic dispute with Ayanna, who had been trying to leave him for some time, and was ordered to stay away from her. Ayanna says LaRon was abusive and threatening towards her. The criminal charges were later dropped, however. Ayanna and LaRon have since separated and moved away from the Milwaukee area.
An anonymous caller contacted a Milwaukee television station in August 2002 and claimed that Patterson's remains were disposed in the Milwaukee River near Estabrook Park. Dive teams searched the area, but no evidence related to Patterson's disappearance was discovered. Investigators announced that foul play was suspected in her case in September 2002. They searched a vacant house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on a tip from a prisoner in 2005, but turned up nothing.Patterson's disappearance remains unsolved.

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