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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rilya Alert Deja Caslin

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Chattanooga Police seek help in finding a 14 year old girl who has was last seen on New Years Eve.

missing Dec. 31, 2008,

Investigators are looking for Deja Caslin. She's a 14 year old black female who is 5'5 in height and 140 pounds. Caslin may be pregnant and in need of medical attention.

Police say she has not had any contact with her family or friends in several weeks. Her life may be in danger.

If you know the whereabouts or have heard from Deja Caslin, investigators are asking you to call Chattanooga Police at 698-2525 or call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.

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  1. " If I'm Your Next Victim"

    "You" and those like you, who makes such a beautiful place
    "God created called Earth" so unsafe, here's some food for thought
    for you today, you hide in unseen places waiting for unsuspecting
    faces, who are unaware of your deadly stare, how did your life get
    on such an evil course? Is your heart still there, do it have remorse?

    It's you who will die a million deaths, yet never die, because there's
    no room for you up high. Hell will drop lower to accommodate your
    rotten soul, my face is what you'll see every time your eyes close!

    "If I'm A child" you have taken, those of you who search for me and pray
    for my safety from my heart you are appreciated, yet if in their twisted
    mind they decide my demise, my body please don't hide, so I'm returned
    to those who truly love me, for once in your life, do something right!

    Also deliver this message to my family & friends, tell them to live life to
    the fullest for me and for them, and not to let an animal such as yourself take
    away their happiness, this poem's sadly a sign of the times, it was created in
    the hopes of changing minds, about committing such unthinkable crimes!
    I've chosen to be another voice for those who's voice has been stubbed out
    or silenced from your unsuspecting,undeserving and unnecessary violence!

    So " If I'm Your Next Victim" and I pray to "God" I'm not
    I pray that it means either voluntarily or forced
    " Your Crime Spree Has Stopped! "

    Poet: Tina Marie Clark

    Dedicated To: The Families And Victims, of Unsolved and Solved
    Abductions and Murders " You're No Alone "