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Monday, January 23, 2012

Official Press Release

Peas In Their Pods Helps

Joshua Davis' Family

Peas In Their Pods will assist the family of Joshua Davis in their attempt to find him.

Atlanta, GA January 21, 2011 – Peas In Their Pods, Inc. has announced that the organization will provide assistance to the family of Joshua Davis, Jr. following his disappearance on February 4, 2011. Joshua’s case has failed to receive adequate media coverage, despite the family and community outcry.

Sabrina Benitez, the 18-month-old's mother who joined Peas In Their Pods on their weekly podcast on 1/22/12, said she believes Joshua was abducted, as the toddler would not have left on his own. Yet, his missing person’s case has not received the attention that it deserved. On the tail of his year anniversary, Peas In Their Pods, Inc. is making a plea to the media to help spread awareness about his case.

Peas In Their Pods is an incorporated not-for-profit organization that provides a specific service to those who have missing loved ones. The organization is self-funded, and is comprised of a team of volunteers who work diligently to assist families during their time of greatest need. The organization does so through their monthly online magazine, weekly radio podcasts, media appearances, and social media efforts (http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-735229).

For further information, contact the organization at 770-686-4612.

Peas In Their Pods is an organization that helps to spread awareness about the epidemic rate at which African American children are abducted.

Peas in Their Pods Staffer

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